Garden and lawn care

What Lorna doesn't know about lawn care really isn't worth knowing! So, you can rest-assured that your garden is in safe hands with her expert care and attention.

Choose from three basic packages at just £25 an hour

If you want the best lawn possible, trust Lorna to provide a tailored solution with outstanding results.


  • Regular cutting using a top of the range mower.


  • Regular grass cutting
  • Fertilising (Twice a year)


  • Regular grass cutting
  • Fertilising (Twice a year)
  • Scarifying
  • Aeration
  • Top dressing with sand and grass seed.

Garden clearance

With a tailored approach to suit all budgets, Lorna's garden clearance service is second to none. Whatever your needs, Lorna will listen carefully to your requirements and work out a longer-term plan for your garden – whether you require her to simply cut back and neaten your space, or to provide you with a blank canvas.

Lorna's full garden clearance service includes:

  • Trees up to 3 meters, large shrubs
  • Removal of all unwanted foliage
  • Removal of all green waste
  • Broken fencing and sheds
  • Strimming and cutting back

We work closely with our colleagues at Enweclear to remove your waste and be recycled wherever possible. Get in touch for a free quote.

Pile of leaves with a broom being swept up

Pruning of shrubs and training

Selective pruning on specimen shrubs is an essential job as it removes diseased or misshapen branches and helps to relieve congestion. This allows more light and air to flow through the plant, making it healthier and promoting longevity. Using her years of experience and specialist knowledge, Lorna can assess what to prune and establish the right time to prune it. She will then skilfully get to work by carefully pruning what is required and remove any waste.

Lorna's is also adept at training climbers, such as roses or wisteria, so that they grow to their potential and thrive. This is a good example of best horticultural practise and typically involves using wires to help the climber to flourish. Simply get in touch for a free quote.

Lorna Chilmaid holding plant

Pest and disease control

Lorna's vast experience has given her unique skills in identifying pests and diseases in plants, shrubs, and trees. With a range of specialist treatments and secret tricks up her sleeve, Lorna can successfully rid your garden of culprits such as box moth caterpillars, grubs, vine weevils and fungal spores – all of which can decimate hedges, plants, and shrubs.

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Tree pruning

If you have small fruit or ornamental trees such acers and cherry trees, Lorna can help with her exceptional pruning skills. Identifying and removing defunct branches will help keep control of the tree and promote better overall health and fruit production. Lorna can help with trees of up to 3 meters in height, so simply get in touch for a free quote.

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Soft landscaping

Lorna is highly skilled as a soft landscaper and has worked closely with many top garden designers, including Felicity O'Rourke, to help create stunning gardens and outdoor spaces.

Using her vast knowledge of plants and understanding where they will grow and thrive, Lorna can also provide landscaping services such as mulch spreading, jet washing, gravel pathways, and much more. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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Vegetable growing

Vegetable growing is a wonderful way to get healthy sustainable food from your garden. With her expert help and advice, Lorna can ensue your vegetable patch is positioned in the most ideal location and recommend the most successful companion planting too. This is where vegetables are specifically chosen to ward off pests and diseases. For example, carrots are susceptible to carrot fly so planting a ring of marigolds around the carrots can protect them and the two vegetables can grow well together. Simply, get in touch for more information.

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Sourcing and supplying

With her trade account and numerous contacts across the gardening industry, Lorna is the ideal person to get hold of all the plants you might need. So, if you need help getting your plants delivered, or maybe there's an illusive one you simply can't find locally, Lorna is happy to source and supply whatever you need.

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